back in the day

This is one about me, brian, and Murph.

....And then some dude's party with the Chuck's crew. Me, Brian, and Murphy were leaving when Murphy suggests we take these roadcones that were on the sidewalk. Brian and myself (drinking since seven) thought that it would be funny.

We load up the cones, and just when Brian is about to take off, some douche knocks on my window. I casually rool it down and here's teh conversation:

Him-"Did you take those cones?"

Murphy (in the back of the car)-"No. (then to Brian)Go!"

Him-"Well I saw you take them and kids could fall in the hole there."

Me- "Don't worry, dude, we're gonna be sweet."

At this point Brian takes off and we are laughing so hard we're crying. "Dude, we're gonna be sweet" was the saying of the night.

Brian probably still has the cones in his trunk.

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