Sunshine Days

One of my favorite things to do is go hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley parks. I like going in early summer, before it gets too hot, and too filled with bugs. It's a good time to think about things that your normal everyday life has crowded away in the far corners of your mind.

Now usually I try not to over analyze things, because most of the people that I interact with know I'm a neurotic mess and thinking about shit too long tends to make things worse.

I was watching tv the other day, and they were talking about subconscious decisions. basically, your brain makes a decision about an instant before you realize you want to do that decision. So while you're off thinking that YOU actually decided to do something, your brain already knew that. It doesn't want to hurt your feelings, so it lets you think you're the boss.

I wonder when my brain is gonna let me go hiking. I've got some shit to think about.

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